Becky Rooney

We were lucky enough to find Janice when we were redesigning our Germantown home -- a project that grew from a "simple" kitchen re-do to virtually changing every downstairs room in the house.

Janice was a godsend on a project that alone, we never could have gotten our arms around. From fixtures to paint, furniture to lighting... to even the smallest touches -- she had the depth and breadth of experience to design to our taste, while simultaneously not allowing us to make giant, glaring mistakes. Janice has an extreme eye for detail and an uncanny ability with colors, patterns, fabrics and finishing touches that allowed her (with our input all the way) to tie our entire project together and give it the coherence we were looking for. Our finished project was beautiful (if I may say so myself)!

Working with Janice is also a pleasure. In addition to her many talents listed above, she is friendly and self-assured, but never pushy. She expresses clear opinions without being overly opinionated, which was exactly what we wanted in a designer.

We could not be happier. Five stars and two thumbs up for Janice Reed!

Raquel Carls

For our family, Janice has been an interior designer, project manager, contractor and friend.  In our 14-year relationship, we have worked together to change the interior design in every room of our home and with her consultation extensively remodeled indoors and out.  She has also helped us with holiday décor in which we won “Best Door” in our neighborhood-decorating contest!  She is brilliant with color and textures with an impeccable attention to detail.  She has established resources that have been invaluable to us over the years and has an outstanding knowledge of every aspect of any home.

Paul & Phyllis Taylor

Janice is professional, detailed, task oriented, good with colors, and makes suggestions based on what her clients tell her. I had a number of pieces I wanted to keep and Janice came up with creative ways to freshen them up and make them new. I enjoyed working with her on decorating my new home! 

John & Deborah McLauchlin

We've all read reviews with glowing opinions about personal experiences, but that's just what they are, personal opinions. What it comes down to is trust. Janice earned our trust.

My husband & I finally reached that point in our lives where we wanted a better home for ourselves. We wanted a beautiful home so we could be proud of our surroundings. The kind of space you only see in magazines. We can tell you what we like, but we cannot 'put it all together'. A place where you automatically relax and feel at home and realize that everywhere you look, you enjoy what you see.  

It was difficult for us, as a couple, to agree on a budget. Our budget was honored and respected without sacrificing the beautiful spaces we desired. Janice listened to us and decorated within our budget to create a space beyond our imaginations!

Janice is a true professional. She is flexible and patient. She is able to listen to the good and the bad and communicate her feelings about your situation. The number one mistake we made, was not listening to her enough. Trust her and you will not be disappointed! The photos prove it.

Aleesa Blum

Janice Reed has been my decorator for 11 years.  During that time, she has completely transformed two houses for me as well as helped me with my beach house and my Mother’s condo.  Thanks to Janice’s talent (which is considerable), there is not a person who walks into my house for the first time that does not remark on how beautiful it is.

There are many things I appreciate about Janice, among her many gifts is the ability to understand her client’s tastes and style and translate that knowledge into a beautiful result that suits the client and their lifestyle perfectly.  When Janice says “I have found a piece that you will love,” she is usually right.  She collaborates so well with her clients that at the end of the process, you truly feel as though the result is through your effort as well as hers.  Working with Janice is a true partnership.

She is also a perfectionist about her work . . . she has the patience for all of the things for which I do not have the patience or time and the end result always reflects her attention to detail.  

Over the years, Janice has become not only my decorator but a trusted advisor and a dear friend. I highly recommend her!

Maureen O'Neal

I have worked with many decorators over the years, or so I thought, until I met Janice Reed.  I was  given her name by a man in the cabinet business and decided to call her. That was the day true decorating at my house began!

Janice has decorated every room in my home and is just finishing up with my living and dining room.  These rooms were very dark and gloomy. She changed colors, furnishings and accessories using her expertise to redo them.  They are now bright and cheerful!  

My dining room is open to the living room.  She used completely different colors to redo the room. The two rooms now flow beautifully! As a matter of fact, all of my rooms are different, but they all flow beautifully and smoothly from one to the next.

Another thing about Janice's decorating  is her uniqueness. Your house will look like your house and no one else's. She will "shop till she drops" finding just the right pieces to go in your house!

My house has the decorator's touch and beauty but still reflects my personality. The rooms are Inviting!  You want to come in, sit down and get comfortable! 

I can't say enough about Janice Reed.  She is professional, smart and the BEST decorator I have ever worked with!  Janice is also kind, caring and compassionate which makes her a pleasure to work with!

J ♦ Reed Interiors